What to do to a child when bored

Art education children already have many, but what to do baby when he's bored – he knows not everyone. Therefore, in this article we decided to find out what you can do, to play, to do to the usual things have acquired a new meaning and color.

Boredom usually arises from the loss of sense of novelty, lack of new experiences and sensations. Salvation is an unexpected pleasant experience. We offer to your attention our selection of the most creative and interesting games designed to dispel the anguish of the child.

The game "Find a pair". Undoubtedly, for many years you have accumulated a huge number of toys: different colors, shapes, of different materials. They once were one of the favorites for the baby, and now lie motionless and collect dust.

Give them a "second life". Try to play with them in new ways. Take any toy and let your child choose among the remaining items, having, for example, the same shape (circle, rectangle, square), and then find items of a similar color. Invent rules, make the game even more fun.

No way, don't let your child miss.

Offer him a game of "I got you a gift." This game is more exciting than more of the participants. So engage in the game grandparents. Prepare the ball. The players need to stand in a circle and each participant "gives" to another the best gift. Nobody should remain without attention. Gifts can be sweet, soft, musical, or dance. Give gifts — giving joy.

So we ran a noise, and now you can Express yourself in painting, and the best option for this – the game "the Artist". Huh?! Don't know what to draw? Then prepare the colorful book that you have in the house, tie eyes baby scarf or he'll close it himself and be sure to let promise you not spying. Open any page and ask the kid to point the finger – that's you and me and draw. Pre-dress the child in old clothes or use an apron, and let the kid is doing, getting pleasure from the process.

If I arrive in the city – organize the departure to the countryside, in the woods, on nature. Buy kids skiing, take them to a hire, and your child will receive a sea of positive emotions and also strengthens health.

Create a short film with your hands. For this you need a "thick" pad. At each leaf in the draw area, for example, man. Change on each sheet of Notepad, the movement of the hands of man, the position of his head and feet. And when he reached the last sheet – arrange viewing: quickly fan the stack of plates (fold the sheets, by shifting the thumb is a change of the picture).

In cold, cloudy, rainy day there is nothing more fun than playing "House". You need to her a couple of improvised means: column table, some blankets or sheets. And here you are in a completely different "house" sitting with a Cup of tea, treating each other favorite foods of the baby, and if you have a tablet, then the TV "new apartments" can be easily set to a favorite channel of the child.

The game "the Groundskeeper" take your child to an incredible pleasure. And you quite forget, the phrase: "Mom I'm bored". To play you need a special baby kit, which includes: watering can, shovel, rake, small truck, land. Plant seeds, water, care for your own garden. Finished with a small picnic.

Arrange a costume photo shoot: try a few things out of the closet daddy, sit on his favourite armchair, adopt exactly the same posture in which he most often sits, pretend to read the newspaper. Child – fashion model, mother, photographer. Switch roles.

An interesting game of "Windsurfer" is a sailing boat will not leave anyone indifferent. You need a narrow Board, a mast with a sail (perfectly fit an ordinary pillow case) and tie (your baby). The task of steering is to be attentive and to guess the whims of the wind (turn on a small fan), otherwise the danger is to fall into the water (in a blue blanket or blue).

Teach toddler cooking. Tell and show clearly how changing the properties of products by mixing, heat treatment. Prepare simple, healthy, and most importantly healthy dish along with the baby. It is very important that the cooking time was minimal. Otherwise the child will get bored. And always ensure that the child is not in contact with hot pots and the stove.

If you haven't gone searching for the treasure, then immediately do it. But pre-prepare a bag with food, because the path will not be easy — the road will take you through the mountains (walk around the back of the sofa), forest – floral corner mom and deserts ( go slowly on the carpet in the bedroom). Take a breather – expand a bag with food.

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