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The latest in a trend of "aesthetic flexibility," the city bike from the German manufacturer Winora, gaining the interest and attention of a growing number of consumers. And it is thanks to his amazing ability to easily adapt not only the size of the cyclist, but also his desires. Adjustable seat position and covers easy to change.

Ergonomic and flexible design of the Bicycle allows the cyclist to use the device in three modes of driving:
- Wellness;
Such adaptability is made possible thanks to the super-simple design of the bike that supports the different positions of the seat for users of all.

Folding rear rack and a special design for the transportation of Luggage attached to the bike frame, making it indispensable for travel and ensure its compactness when storing. The bike is equipped with a control unit and steering computer. On the frame mechanism for the seat mounted LED light bulb rear lighting. In the complete set includes a lithium battery and a charger for them. Comfortable, durable, reliable and surprisingly light bike in their characteristics comes out of the leading positions among their "brothers".

"The more bikes appear on the roads – say the creators of the device, especially clean, quiet and friendly will be our city!"

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