Leaning Rocker - back-mounted to any wall

Surely each of us got into this situation: there is a need to be with some purpose in some place waiting for something (at the airport, at the doctor's, governmental bodies, etc.), fatigue knocked down, but no free seats there. Apparently, the designer avihai Brother-in-law (Avihai Shurin) had no time to be in the unenviable position, if he even decided to try to fix it with the help of his invention – Leaning Rocker. This product is intended to provide some relief standing in line, offering not simply standing on aching legs, and to lean on him, reducing the strain on the back.

This device is a backrest made of laminated wood and a steel frame, and can be mounted on any wall, because in the words of its Creator, makes it the ideal product for placing in waiting rooms, where it is problematic to install additional seats.

However, though the author sees in his creation the solution to the problem, still not very clear what his invention is better than conventional chair. After all, it occupies places not much less space than is required by the chair, as the best variant from the point of view of comfort. The chairs can be placed anywhere, even near the wall, at least in the center of the room in several rows. And for the price, this fixture is most likely not cheaper than a simple stool.

In addition, why you need this thing, if you can just lean on the wall. Of course, there are walls that lean is dangerous because of the possibility to get dirty, but then again, come to the aid of chairs. Moreover, in places where the walls are very dirty, hardly anyone would think of such a design delights. So it's better if the designer thought about his invention in a slightly different way: would not mount to the wall and to the back. Then the user could walk everywhere without having to worry about dirty walls and lack of seats.

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