Difficulties for the young artist

Got the kids in the village school before 8 March task - to draw their moms. The degree of talent and looseness at all different. One ryabyat quickly coped with the task and decided to give a hand to the neighbor's party. In addition the process somehow did not go.
And he decided to more naturalistic painting to finish his neighbor mom impressive bust. The teacher did not appreciate his pupil hyperrealism and caused his mother to school.
Mom, in principle, work like a son, but in order not to complicate further the years of his training, she took a dejected look and together with the teacher, they have the same remorse boy to the crime. What is a teacher and parted.
On the way home, caught up with them familiar forester rides, offered to drive, the offer was accepted.
Go. Sad boy. Forester interested pechalka cause. Mom recounts the history of artistic delights son. Forester snorts contemptuously. And then tells how in the classroom, where he studied his son, was asked to draw a horse. All painted. And his son as well. But the teacher said that the boy missed one important detail. Without specifying which one. The kid looked doubtfully at the teacher, but took the picture. And dorisoval. Still in forestry grew. In detail seen as stallions mares indulge. And it looks like genital organ horse in the excited state, knew well. And, having this knowledge, respectively, and dorisoval. Woodman was called to the school. What can I say. The figure horse seemed disproportionately small appendage to his instrument. A teacher is talking about a missing body meant tail that his boy had somehow forgotten to draw.
Boy on a sled cheered. A mother suddenly thought that everything that is done - for the better. It is good that in the class asked her son not to draw on February 23 popes.


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