Futuristic sports car Chords

To create Chords concept, a futuristic sports car, avtodizayner and coach building company Pininfarina inspired music. This car is equipped with a vibrating string system, creating a vibration that is similar to the manufacture of musical instruments. With this system the car can transform any low frequency vibrations coming from those strings into energy. This innovative technology is very close already known to the system Mini Energy Harvest (miniology energy), developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology).

As the designer of the car was made by a graduate of the European Institute of design Giampiero Sbrizzi (Giampiero Sbrizzi). According to his purpose, the strings have to be mounted to the external elements of the car, some of which will be made of mahogany. However, most of the body panels still have to be made from more traditional materials, such as carbon fiber and composite plastics.

Overall dimensions of this concept is quite compact: only 3.85 mm (length) x 1.65 mm (width) x 1.3 mm (height). A small minus is that it is designed only for one person. But in this car after spartanovskaya trend is expected to have four-wheel drive that is highly valued by most motorists.

In appearance this car is hard to imagine that it can differ from other sports cars, however, the ability to eat the energy obtained from the conversion of the vibration, makes it a truly revolutionary creation.

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