Zaha Hadid — the winner of competition on creation of the project the National stadium of Japan

It seems that a few years in the creative assets of Zaha Hadid will be a real gem, the building, the extent of which can dream even the most famous contemporary architects. The fact that Hadid and her company won the tender for the right to create project of the National stadium of Japan.


In the spring of this year launched the competition, whose task was the definition of an architect who will have the right to develop the project for the construction of the new National stadium of Japan. This competition was attended by several hundred authors ' teams from around the world. And in early November, the jury announced the shortlist of eleven nominees for the main prize, which came as the biggest architects of our time, and Japanese authors, little known outside the Country of the rising sun.


So the other day it was officially announced that the first place in this major competition was awarded to the architect Zaha Hadid, the winner of the most authoritative in the field of architecture prize — Pritzker. This project involves the creation of three-tiered stadium with sliding roof membrane, the capacity of which will amount to 80 thousand people. Moreover, in addition to sports, this facility will be also other events — concerts, festivals, holidays.

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