The conceptual device I-CARE takes care of the preservation of eyesight

Moreover, that modern schoolchildren can not imagine lives without computers, smartphones and tablets are not far behind them and many adults, conducting before the monitor of 90% of the time. It is no wonder that glasses adorning the bridge of his nose every five computer user, and this number is constantly growing. Unique gadget I-CARE, who cares about the preservation of vision in children and adults, presented Liton Award 2012 designers Zhichao Xue and Chen Yizi. And this brought them victory.

The conceptual device I-CARE (the name can be translated as "I care") is a sensor with an infrared rangefinder that is attached to the display casing at the top, and ensures that sitting at the computer man was not closer to the screen closer than a foot. While the distance is maintained, the image projected on screen in normal mode, no different from what I see people without the "e-teacher" on the monitor. If I-CARE will notice that the distance has decreased, and the child (or adult) is in dangerous proximity to the screen, the image will immediately become blurred. Thus, strict "teacher" makes it clear that a violation of a fundamental rule of the computer, and while the "intruder" is not corrected, nothing to read or watch, he can not.

The authors hope that this gadget will give the opportunity to teach computer users proper habit, turning it into a reflex, and thereby help to preserve the eyesight of the younger generation. Oh, and do not make it even worse for those who already have to wear glasses.

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