Barcode Room is a sliding wall for small apartments

Urban housing continuously going up, and people often are forced to settle in the apartments very limited living space. Responding to the trend, a design Studio engaged in the development of projects that provide tenants with maximum freedom and comfort in cramped conditions. Particularly successful in this case, the Japanese, for whom the compact housing is a long tradition. One of the possible solutions to the problem of Japanese design company Studio_01.

The project designers Barcode Room today, just the vision problems. However, the application of the concept under real conditions can be a good tool to expand living space and maximum satisfaction of household needs of the people.

The peculiarity of the project is dynamic. Furniture adapted to the transformation and can transform as the changing tastes, desires and needs of residents of small apartments. The Barcode-based Room – three sliding walls. It's not just walls that can be installed in a particular place, and the furniture, which is a set of elements, the purpose of which can be changed.

Moving walls are formed of various configurations of living space and adaptable furniture blocks help you to quickly change the functionality of "rooms", and adapt them for personal needs.

Designers have developed a dozen types of furniture components, from which you can collect three of the mobile wall. Their construction involves the movement by the roller rails fixed to the ceiling. This solution allows to set the Barcode elements of the Room not only in buildings but also in existing apartments.

The concept allows you to completely abandon the traditional furniture and free up space for people. Depending on the desires using only the furniture the walls can be equipped with a kitchen, living room or bedroom. Functional components of the walls contain the openings of the Windows that can be closed off with shields for more isolated areas, or open, expanding the visible space. For example, you can allocate a separate isolated guest "room" or focus wall in one place when you need space for a noisy party.

Project Barcode Room recently was awarded the Grand Prix for Design week Tokyo 2012. The company Studio_01 is committed to continue the development of the concept, and develop new functional components and kits. An additional area for application of the ideas embodied in the Barcode Room designers expect to find in public spaces such as offices, galleries or restaurants.


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