Glowing paper boats in art project Aether&Hemera


Paper boats on the water — it's old game for scholars, which in the spring were making them in a checkered exercise book, launched their fleet in the streams from the melted ice, and with bated breath watched as those coping with the current, overcome obstacles, or suffering the collapse of the great banks of gray snow. However, today's students are the fun is not interesting, and so it was surprising to see on a London Wharf Canary Wharf flotilla of 300 paper boats, who were peacefully floating on the water, shimmering in different colors, from yellow to purple. This unusual installation called Voyage decided to inaugurate a series of new year holidays the designers Claudio bangs (Claudio Benghi) and Gloria Ronchi (Gloria Ronchi), art collective Studio Aether & Hemera.

Of course, these paper boats seem only in appearance. In fact, they made thin and flexible sheets of polypropylene and drawings, and prototypes of boats was simulated on the computer through special programs. These programs have developed and led backlight, which is provided every boat that she just glowed in the dark, and did it beautifully. So, the flotilla of 300 boats in orderly rows bobbed on the waves at the pier Canary Wharf, smoothly varying colors and shades, bewitching spectators, creating an atmosphere of a fairy tale about fairies, magicians and sorcerers.

To participate in the art project is free for all owners of phones with wi-fi, which you want, this is the first, and a bit of free time, secondly. The authors of the installation saying that to control the led light, can be used wirelessly, but will I need an app for that, and how will be the process of managing color illumination did not specify. To test this theory will be possible until 15 February 2013, all this time colorful glow boats will show off on the water, lining up in ranks and lines, squares and triangles, as well as forming a more intricate shape to the delight of curious onlookers. Of course, to watch the light show better in the dark, as the day boats are the same boats, built of white sheets of paper.

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