Flexible keyboard

Microsoft decided to change the conservative habits and to find alternatives to the traditional computer accessories such as keyboard and mouse. For this she teamed up with London's Central College of art and design, St. Martin's (Central Saint Martins Arts College) to organize a competition of projects offering innovative solutions in the field of computer hardware.



One of the 24 participants, designer Victor Johansson (Johansson, Victor), victory, proposing the concept of a super elastic keypad, the flexibility of which is a management tool to her. So, for example, to increase/decrease the volume, do not need to seek out in charge of this function key and just bend the edges of the keyboard up or down. Same thing with the other tasks: to exercise the control with this keypad it is necessary to bend, twist or compress in a certain direction.


This keyboard allows you to easily customize the layout, language, font size and so on. Special button modifier allows the same action to complete two tasks (i.e. it plays the role of a traditional Shift key). Also there are special opportunities for active users of social networking: compression of the right side of the keyboard means pressing the "Share" button, and left – "I like". The smooth surface of the keyboard hides the touch screen E-ink, which consumes very little energy, and piezo-actuator.

Probably, this can be really convenient invention for watching movies or listening to music, but to remember all its twists and twisting and their meaning can be a daunting task for many people. So if this concept is implemented, its main customers will be, except that only the teenagers, for the more serious computer users it is simply inconvenient.



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