Perfect mirror for women

Most often, in order to do makeup or hair, we use large mirrors, which are unlikely can just pick up and move from one place to another. According to this, in low light places, which is a mirror, women do disgusting makeup, which themselves in the light not notice! But once they go out, as they are badly smeared concealer see all around.

Now, it is possible to do away with the new mirror. It is called the Sensor Mirror. The mirror is able to determine the location of the person, and direct all the rays in his direction. Thus, you can always have a well lit place near a mirror!

The effects of that light on you personally, no need to worry, as this concept is not used or the conventional fluorescent lamp. The lighting is completely identical to normal daylight and does not harm your eyes.

Charging device like all modern chargers and is done using USB.

Another advantage of mirrors is the possibility of a five-fold increase. You can see their display in the desired scale.


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