Dangerous than feather pillows for your health

Researchers have shown that pillow with feather-filled life-threatening. In Europe, for example, a feather pillow forbid to use in spas, hospitals, kindergartens and hotels, as potentially dangerous to human health. What is so dangerous feather and down pillows?

The pen with which to fill the pillow does not pass air, and that means that the head of the person lying on the pillow, sweating. During the night the body of an adult human can distinguish about a liter of moisture that is collected in a feather pillow. The experts considered that over the five years of operation feather pillow is heavier by a quarter. And not just because of the moisture.

The moisture in the feather pillow is a great field for reproduction of bed parasites. In feather pillows can live up to thirty kinds of bed parasites. The most dangerous of them — the bed mites. The danger is that in the process of his life to bed mites faeces secretes protein, which can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Than replace feather pillows? Great replacement pen and feather pillows are pillows made of natural wool or synthetic filler. They are very well leak air. And they don't live bed parasites.

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