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There is a historical fact that when the famous hero Ilya Muromets was old, he decided to spend the last years of monk to Feodosiev the monastery (now Lavra), and there he was buried, and then canonized. According to the study of the relics of the powerful, it became known that his height was about 1.8 meters, and the spine was deformed, likely due to the paralysis experienced in childhood. Mean really, the hero spent 33 years on the furnace.

Nikitich, according to the Chronicles, he is the uncle of Prince Vladimir, who baptized Russia.

Tver chronicle says that in the battle of Kalka in 1216, a Oleshko Popovych killed 70 people. But over time, the name was changed to Alyosha.

In reality, the heroes have never met, as we lived in different times.

The word hero is taken, borrowed from the language of iurkou group, which means valiant warrior, the hero.

To modern heroes include such people as circus acrobat Valentin Dikul, who fell from the dome of the circus, became an invalid of the first group, but contrary to the predictions of doctors, not just able to walk, but also became an athlete. Also a famous athlete and wrestler Michael Poddubny 40 years of performances have not suffered a single defeat in the competition or tournament. February 23, 1926, he once again became the world champion in wrestling at the age of 55 years.

But the real hero is considered a newborn born in Italy in 1955, a boy weighing 10.2 kg and 76 cm height.

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