As artistically blurred pictures become masterpieces

What interesting ideas are often talented artists. If the master knows his business is immediately noticeable. After all, each work in addition to aesthetic pleasure must carry a deep meaning. Every year photographers and artists are finding new ways to tell us the truth all over the world. Unusual places, strange technology, the game of colors and shades, sizes and scale are all elements of a new vision of the art world.

For example, the paintings of Philip Barlow, an artist from South Africa, very noticeably stand out from many conventional works of other artists. All exhibits are presented without sharpening. If you look at the picture from afar, you'd think the problems begin with vision. But coming closer, you realize that it's a good trick of the author. Critics have different opinions of the idea.

Each visitor "reads" the paintings in their own way. This is the main idea of the master. Rough work fantasies – the purpose of each picture. And yet these works zaklikow us appreciate our organs of sight. Because the image on the canvases delivered exactly the way you see the world people with myopia. The words of the author, he wanted to concentrate all the wealth of the surrounding light. We don't really notice the colors around us, concentrating only on unnecessary items.


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