Transparent solar panels for tablets

Portable devices such as smartphone, tablet and many others have become part of our life. Through them we communicate, learn, seek information. However, they all have a huge flaw. They charged an average of 3-4 hours and the charge lasts at best 10 hours or less. We have already seen a few smart ideas to create a solar panel to collect the kinetic energy working on the go, but it was imperfect.

However, it is planned to revolutionize all the old designs and start a new so-called Ubiquitious energy. The company intends to develop transparent solar panels fitted at the upper part of the screen of the tablet. This will give cheerfulness to your mobile device all day, and you won't even notice.

The device was based on simple laws of physics. According to the MIT Technology review, transparent solar panels collect ultraviolet and infrared rays, and visible light pass through. Because transparent objects do not absorb or scatter visible light rays. The old solar panels was based on the principle of absorption of visible light, therefore, they were not able to be transparent.

Solar cells are made of several organic layers. The first layer is superimposed on the screen of your tablet or smartphone, other layers are laid on each other (this was reported by the President and chief technology officer of ubiquitous energy's miles Barr).

The company that created this project in the laboratories of the mit electrical engineering Professor Vladimir Bulović, is still in the stage of research and development. Prototypes of these batteries reached about 2 % of the efficiency and transparency of about 70 %, but Barr has assured that the company is working on improving results and soon these numbers will be increased.
But not yet announced not about a specific release date for the batteries, not on their value. Our portable devices for some time will have to wait.

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