How to catch a tornado?

There are people on the ground that before the terrible terror fear of tornadoes, but there are those for whom natural disasters is artfully beautiful frame. To the second type one, now very well-known personality in American photography art, whose name is Camille seaman (Camille Seaman).

For more than ten years a woman hunting for handsome, in her opinion, the staff of the raging hurricanes, tornadoes, fierce thunderstorms.

Pictures and the truth turn out stunning. The viewer is like two steps away from disaster, which is visible on the underside. Life Kamilla wanted to be an Explorer of the mysterious Atlantis. Her desire increased when she visited there. But as they say, there it was.

In one not very fine day eight-year-old daughter Camille asked me to photograph her, a terrible tornado, which was coming on their city. Ekstrimalka immediately agreed, and now can not imagine my life without her beloved craft.

The American compares with the observation of the deposits. Because here, too, we must first look at just the cloudy sky and wait for clouds to gradually increase their interest. Only, according to the photographer, the sky, unlike people, never lies, except that the intrigue heightens.


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