Holy "Moses Bridge" in the Netherlands

In Holland decided to implement some events of the Holy Bible. Namely, they are literally "dissolved" in the two sides of the water, but not in the sea, and in the channel. I think many people remember the Biblical parable about how the prophet Moses had deployed water Black plague, in order that the Jews could escape from Egypt.

Project "Bridge of Moses," or Moses Bridge was recently built by the Dutch, and immediately got a strong positive reaction to it from tourists all over the world. The question of the construction of the terminal began in front of the local architects when they thought about how to connect old Fort from the land. As the landscape of the Fort Fort de Roovere was unique, didn't want to spoil it by a bridge, which would pass over the water channel. It then came to the aid of the biblical story.

Staff design-architectural design group RO & AD, has managed to "drown" the bridge in the waters of the canal of the old Fort, known since the 17th century. For this kind of project needed a particularly durable kind of wood. The strength of the master were made, conducting the whole complex of environmentally friendly procedures. This material, in constant contact with water, can last more than 50 years.

In 2011, the project "Bridge of Moses" was named the best architectural building. The jury of the contest were delighted with the extraordinary genius of construction. With them agree and simple people who visited this place. In fact, according to visitors, it is impossible to convey in words what it means to pass between the water!


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