Designed a new ecological airport in Africa

A new concept from Symbiotic Vaulting lets nature, neighborhoods and airlines to come together to coexist without causing each other any damage. With this article, you can look into the future and see what can be airports, occupying a minimum of space and not destroying nature.

Compared with a large number of developed countries of the world Gabon is unlikely to face a shortage of space for the aviation infrastructure. Regardless of this, the company Symbiotic Vaulting offers some important developments and solutions for the industry which could develop with a new force in Africa. Designers Rebecca Bartlett and Conway Pedron collaborated on a project that would expand the Libreville international airport, without having to occupy too large area.

This decision was reached by creating a two-tier program, thus allowing the rhythm of city life continue on top and bottom, and stay safe from potential plans to move it to other areas. Similarly, the surrounding ecosystems would not have really affected the growth of the airfield and associated structures. In fact, scientists from Symbiotic Vaulting propose the integration of nature directly into the architecture.


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