Scientists have compiled a list of most dangerous plants

As well in the summer in the country to Milavitsa flowers sitting on the porch and sipping tea. Lilies, gladioli, asters, daisies, peonies... But all these flowers is no surprise, now in Vogue exotic! Bamboo, dracaena, cypresses, palm trees, cacti... But the worst thing, I don't know what to expect from this exotic! Pretty like a flower, and in fact, a real nightmare! For example, here this cute mushroom.

It resembles gum with droplets of blood, and maybe Vice versa cake with strawberry jam. But in any case, do not try to eat this "cake", because then it will be the last thing you tasted in your life. Fortunately the Bloody tooth in our latitudes does not grow, and is found exclusively in the tropics.

Well, that's a beautiful flower, the most well-known from the school of biology, Venus flytrap. Carnivorous plant, human flesh, of course, does not drink, but only insects, caterpillars, slugs, small frogs, but still the impression is very unpleasant.

Inside the mouth-piece of a huge number of tiny sensitive hairs. The victim attracted to the smell of the juice flycatchers, it's crawling on the sheet and these irritating hairs, and they in turn send a signal to reduce the cells of the inner leaf and the "mouth" begins to close.

Here is another interesting representative of the flora of our planet — Rafflesia.

The rafflesia plant is a parasite from the family of spurges (Euphorbiacea). It is interesting because it has the biggest flowers in the world, with a diameter of more meters and weighing up to 10 kg. And what else is quite interesting — Rafflesii, unlike other plants, there is no root and the stem. It is almost one huge flower and nothing more. It grows in the tropical gardens on the forest of Indonesia and the Philippines, and is a parasite on the vines.

And this "flower" is a real cold-blooded killer. While it is nice-looking! He has a very beautiful purple flowers, which he allures his victim. But if you decide to disrupt these flowers, you will find yourself impaled on deadly spikes. Name this horror Porcupine tomato, and he lives in Madagascar. The size of the plant is about 1.5 meters and has poisonous spines.

The most interesting, that to kill this tomato is simply impossible — most of the poisons do not affect that, it can survive all weather conditions from drought to cold, and to uproot it from the root dangerous to life. Therefore, if you encounter such a subject, it is better to run without looking away!

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