The dog was named the most aggressive breed of dog

Spanish scientists after several studies, reported that its exterior is quite deceptive, and quite good-natured dog looks ridiculous hanging ears may be representative of one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. According to the data, the seemingly innocuous English Cocker Spaniel's aggression level will give odds to other breeds.
Says Mar Amat from the veterinary school of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she and her staff analyzed 1050 cases of dog aggression from 1997 to 2005. As it turned out, most aggression was shown English Cocker spaniels, Rottweilers, boxers, Yorkshire Terriers and German shepherds.

According to the data provided by the owners of the dogs, Amat and her team came to the conclusion that English Cocker spaniels can be aggressive as strangers and towards their owners. Other species mostly attacked other dogs. Above all the level of aggression veterinarians are fixed in males English Cocker Spaniel red color.

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