Found fish that can live without food for a year

In the first 5 years of life loaches every year in the spring make a trip to the Northern waters of the Pacific ocean, where they find their own food. Then they return to fresh water (their natural habitat), where they overwinter. After the trip, the fish may remain in fresh water until the end of his 12-year-old life, doing almost no food.

Thirty six million three hundred eight thousand five hundred sixty nine

Scientists from the University of Washington Jonny Armstrong and Morgan bond found that, when the ending year of the migration to offshore waters, these fish only have one opportunity to find their own food. They prey on salmon, which swim in their territory during spawning are just the eggs they eat.

However, after the account of the proportions used and consumed fish energy, biologists have documented the deficit in 1000 calories. Then biologists have measured the size of the intestine Goltsov before and after the influx of salmon into fresh water. It turned out that immediately after the influx of the length of the intestines is increased by 2.2 times from the norm.

Fifty nine million nine hundred fifty seven thousand eight hundred forty six

"We were just in shock from how fish can change the size of its own body, depending on needs," says Armstrong.

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