What school ailments the most common?


Respiratory diseases can be transmitted everywhere, and it doesn't need to be nipped by the frost. Favorite environment of respiratory viruses — premises with bad ventilation, and even viruses like the lack of personal hygiene.

        Stomach flu

The main symptoms of the condition — diarrhea and vomiting. You should immediately consult a doctor. Early initiation of treatment to prevent dehydration. To cure this condition prescribe anti-nausea medication.

        A typical flu

The famous typical strains of flu can be avoided by vaccination. Was sick with influenza almost every. Despite this, it is not necessary to treat him lightly.


        Streptococcal infection

Streptococcus — bacteria, which have the ability to spread rapidly. Approximately 20% of people are carriers of a beta strep bacteria but not get sick themselves.


Lice are neither viruses nor bacteria, lice – parasites that are quickly transferred by direct contact, in some cases they can be transmitted even through the robe, which is hanging on hangers.



Fairly common diseases of school-age children is the neurosis. The basis of this disease is a conflict stress, which creates a fertile ground for the formation of poor physical and mental symptoms of the type of low self-esteem.


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