ExoHand - ease labor and increase productivity

ExoHand is a concept that adapted to a human hand exoskeleton. Finish of this invention may resemble the design of the hands of the Terminator. Eight pneumatic actuators are responsible for the performance of the exoskeleton. The force, angle and distance recorded by the sensors. Pneumatic control actuators and control algorithms that will allow you to move individual fingers. Thus, ExoHаnd can echo and support the different ways to grasp.

The main purpose of the invention ExоHand is relieved of the labor of workers who perform monotonous work. With the help of the exoskeleton employees will be able to work longer without causing physical injury, not feeling the same fatigue in the hands.

Also ExоHand suitable for people with muscular dystrophy and paralysis. Theoretically, the control and management of ExoHand will be held in the mind.

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