Simple ways to improve your memory

Do you know why children learn fast and instantly? Because they train your brain. Memory is an incredibly powerful inventory, but it becomes unusable if it for a long time not to use it. What did You do in order for Your brain continued to be active and productive?

        Read good books

At the time, when You read, You are trying to force the brain to memorize information about the characters in the book, about their characters, feelings, events. In the brain have clear silhouettes and your imagination runs wild. That is, the reading will improve Your memory, develop intelligence and increase vocabulary.



Healthy eight hours of sleep is needed to keep the brain in good shape. During the day, Your brain solves a variety of challenges and problems – from mild to the most complex, so at night he needs a good rest, tomorrow again to effectively solve tasks.

        Increase your vocabulary

Learn new words daily. It can be General concepts, and Your specialty. Use the dictionaries to look up the interpretation of unknown words or to find synonyms to friend You word. Try to use new words in their everyday speech.


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