The Americans created the world's first flying car

The company Terrafugia (USA, Massachusetts) spoke about his new project – an environmentally friendly electric vehicle that can rise into the air. Car TF-X is distinguished by its small size that allows to place it even in small garage, but the unusual vehicle can easily fit 4 people. TF-X will give its passengers a comfortable ride or a breathtaking aerial flight.

The TF-X up in the air and landing due to the motor is quiet and environmentally friendly. During the flight included a powerful gas turbine. The initial design goal was an increase of comfort and safety, but other than that, the designers were able to establish and record the range for electric cars — TX-X can without refueling to get 500 miles from home.

The first flying car from the "Transition" — a hybrid vehicle a streamlined shape with folding wings. The surprise is the fact that running a car-the plane is absolutely silent, which is achieved thanks to the electric motors. In addition, in the seemingly modest size of the TF-X fits four people.

As it became known, today the producers have 100 or more pre-orders for such an unusual vehicle, which, according to preliminary estimates, will cost 279,000$. Unlike the now familiar hybrid car TF-X will be faster, heavier and more spacious. For takeoff, the TF-X should be about 30.5 meters for overclocking. As the developers say, the owner of the car-plane will not be able to climb into it at the doorstep of his house, but runway airports it is not necessary.

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