Created environmental charging radio

Every day everyone in the world is communication. We often talk on the phone, listen to music from the player, and even now reading this article sitting at your computer or tablet.However, all was not wonderful in each barrel of honey there are the spoon of tar in this barrel of the tar – the battery. We need to continuously charge your iPods, smartphones, etc. But for tourists and travellers to recharge their gadgets have no place, and even so, not to harm nature. Experts are working on this: some suggest the batteries other solar panels. And that created another new environmental gadget that combines all of these proposals. It does not need to charge, but quite the contrary, he himself is the source of energy. His name – FRX3.


How does it work? All ingenious is simple! In the center of this unit is the handle, the minute rotation which is enough to speak for 30 seconds on the phone. It is worth noting that this gadget is absolutely not dangerous for nature.


But that's not all. It not only serves as a charger, but also come with features: AM/FM radio, alarm, led flashlight and even a Dynamo! The memory of the radio stores the frequency of the seven stations of the atmospheric service of the United States National oceanic and. Using the AUX connector you can connect an external sound source. His average cost is $60.

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