"Sun beetle" charger for all electronics

In our days people are very much dependent on the source of electricity. Mobile electronic devices, digital cameras have become our constant companions, wherever we go. The need for constant recharging of batteries and battery are not just restricted possibility of long-term use of different devices when there is no access to the electricity grid. Sometimes it brings us to despair!
The Korean Alliance of experts consisting of designers Bora Kim, Park OPD Duck and Kimhyеlyn proposed an interesting charger that has solar panels. Interesting ecological device "solar beetle" made just for people who spend a lot of time in transit, regardless of the purpose of travel: business trip, travel itinerary, fishing or hunting.


Using a single compact device which can be placed in a briefcase, in a pocket of his windbreaker all the time, you to recharge batteries mp3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic devices. Ingenious idea to use a drop-down wings "Solar beetle" as an indicator makes it possible to visually determine the degree of charging and the time necessary for the process to finish.


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