Created a shirt that's 100 days, maintains freshness without washing

A group of American enthusiasts came up with material for shirts, which does not need frequent washing. As reported in the description, the product can stay fresh and not change your views for at least one hundred days. The material is called Cottоn-Soft, and now firm Wоol&Prince is raising money to release the first batch of "shirts for the lazy".

To prove the effectiveness of the material, the founder Wоol&Prince wore the shirt for more than 3 months. Then on the street, he approached passers-by and offered to evaluate the quality of the material, and to smell his clothes.

To search money, Americans resort to using a service crowdfunding Kickstаrter. A little more than a week the required amount collected — instead of $30 thousand users have entrusted Wоol&Prince more than $70 thousand

Source: /users/413


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