5 ways of reusing Your tights

Many women have a stack of old tights and stockings that don't want to throw out, but to wear too. You don't need to throw them away — you can give them a second life.
The first way: make bags. Cut the "legs", then cut each into two pieces to four pieces. Now you need to fill each of the pieces of lavender and sew. These fragrant pouches can be spread out throughout the house.
Method two: use them for cleaning. Dark tights — the thicker, the better — perfect for cleaning the furniture from dust. Wool tights will bring a great Shine on glass surfaces, especially mirrors.
The third way: use them as a filter. Through the thick tights you can filter the fluid, for example, paint.

Method four: strengthen their plants. Elastic stockings or their pieces well to tie the branches and stems of plants. Soft tights will not cause such damage like a normal rope.
Method five: protect their plants. Plants can protect the tights from animals, insects or their own children. Cut the tights can be enjoyed as individual plants and small beds.

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