Created unique pants with a built-in keyboard

Designer Erik de Neys has created a high-tech jeans with a built-in keyboard made of rubber for active PC users. In addition to the Blutooth keyboard holder these modern "pants" will have at its disposal a couple of built-in speakers that are sewn into the hips and a wireless computer mouse built into back pocket — comes.

Imagine you go to work in elegant pants and update your status on Facebook using a full-sized, full-featured keyboard, and not trying to get into the virtual touch keys. Though it is not clear how to deal with stains on these pants, one can only hope that Eric has provided it. The developers of fancy pants designer Erik de Neys and his partner Tim Smith called his invention around like "Beauty and the Geek* (obsessed computer)".

At the moment there are only prototypes, but there are plans for mass production. The expected price of the pants assumes about $3600.

Source: /users/413


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