TOP 3 of the most beautiful structures in the form of pyramids

From Peru came the sad news of the destruction of the builders of the pyramids, which are more than 4 thousand years. But not all these buildings are so old. Pyramidal buildings are constructed even today. About three of the most unusual of them will be discussed in this article.
Blаck Pyrаmid House – residential house for Japanese pharaohs
Architectural Studio Erroe Dеsign Office did a project Blаck Pyrаmid House, which is in one of the suburbs of Tokyo have built custom residential home that looks like a pyramid.

Shimizu Honey-Sity Pyrаmid pyramidal city in Japan
The Japanese, for that year, create the project of a city with a population of about one million people. According to the authors of this idea, it will be located in the water and have the shape of a pyramid with a height of 1000 metres.

Underground skyscraper-pyramid in Central Mexico city
A group of young Mexican architects drew attention to themselves during the contest of projects of skyscrapers eVolo 2010 Skyscraper Competition. These authors decided to build a skyscraper-pyramid on the Central square of Mexico city. Unusually in this building that it will be underground.

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