Smart lights will improve the street lighting

European countries, according to calculations each year to spend on street lighting and approximately $13 billion And that nearly 40% of the total costs of the state structures in charge of electricity. In addition to the problems with spending budget, there's the environmental aspect: in connection with the generation of electricity in the atmosphere emit tens of millions tons of harmful substances.
But how to improve the city's lighting system?
The answer to this question was shared by the participants of the project Tvilight. The idea is to create a "smart" platform that can peretaptyvalis under the current situation, and weather conditions.

The system can automatically change the light intensity of the lamps based on data which are collected are placed along the sidewalk and the road wireless sensors. If no one is around, the brightness of the lamps is reduced, which will save energy.
If the sensors detect the appearance of a human pedestrian, cyclist or car, the lights turn on full power, lighting the near area. The system allows for sequential activation and muting lamps, which further reduces energy costs.

Surprisingly, the work Tvilight is not limited to automatic change the brightness of the lights. The system can be used by emergency services to alert citizens and motorists of an emergency situation. For example, the lamp may begin to flash, signaling the passage of a vehicle rescue or ambulance.

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