The largest crane in the world

Model LTM 11200-9.1 — the most powerful telescopic crane on the market today and has theskorpionshow arrow, which is not equal. Extension 8-section of the boom to the desired length and fixing it on the clips is carried out automatically.

There are also different lattice extensions. Particularly noteworthy increase in the carrying capacity due to Y-guying of the telescopic boom. In the 9 axle undercarriage mounted active steering rear axles, developed in the Liebherr group, which depends on the speed. Disc brakes also brought their contribution to improving efficiency and safety.

Maximum capacity of 1,200 t at 2.5 m radius. Telescopic boom 18.3 m — 100 m Lattice jib — 24 m — 126 m. diesel chassis engine (8 cylinders) of the company "Liebherr" mounted turbocharger, the power is 500 kW (670лс). The diesel engine of the crane (6 cylinders) of the company "Liebherr" with a turbocharger, has an output of 240 kW. Drive / steering — 18 x 8 x 18. Maximum speed — 80 km/h Weight in transport position — 96 t Total weight of the counterweight — 202, etc

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