Flying a UAV which can walk, turning their wings in the feet

What You will see is a demonstration of the term in the field of robotics, which most likely is totally new for You — a multimodal movement. This strange term can be used in relation to robotic systems that can move two or more different ways. It should be noted that the majority of living beings on our planet have this ability, some can swim and walk, others to fly and to walk and some fly, swim and walk.

-Robot drone DALER takes advantage of the principle of "adaptive morphology". This principle is that when the robot has a certain structure, in this case the wings, then you can use them for other types of movement, e.g. walking. This can be useful in some cases, in particular, during the operations on search and rescue. The drone, flying over the terrain will be able to produce an overview of the situation, but in case of finding something interesting, he will be able to go down and examine this object in more detail in "Hiking" mode. Capacity Hiking travel provides the opportunity to the drone to get to the desired location, where it will be able to rise into the air.

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