In Australia want to desalinate water due to the energy waves

Company Carnegie Wave Energy is going to open the world's first Autonomous center for desalination of salt water using the energy that will come from the sea.
To start the system are going to small, 1.5 to 10 km, garden island, near Perth, five miles from the mainland. Water is needed here: the island is Fleet Base West, the largest base of the Royal Australian Navy. Using proprietary technology, which is denoted by the acronym CETO, the company will first launch a pilot power plant 2 MW, it works on the actual desalination. Well, the last will be ensured by the equipment Water Corporation of Western Australia.

The project is unique in that the energy source will eat... the sea waves. It would seem that it is a waste of time and money: Western Australia — one of the best places in the world to install solar panels: with every meter, you can withdraw up to 1 MW•h. Why do some wave generators, the more that fresh water is unlikely to be able to spend per night? Alas, the nature of the demand for water at a military base is not always stable and can often imply a sharp load at night, and the appearance in the draft form of energy storage would significantly raise the price.

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