The fastest man in the world, how was it?

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is currently the person will not be able to catch up with one of now living people. What is he given this title? It turns out he scored quite a lot of international achievements. On account of his 4 world records in running at various distances. Six times he was an Olympic champion, 5 times world champion.

The fastest man in the world will run of 9.59 seconds for 100 meters, which is considered the world record, which established the Bolt at the world Championships in Berlin 16.08.2009. Only the Cheetah can beat Bolt because he runs 100 meters in 5,95 seconds. World record run in the 200 meters also won the Bolt. He put it all in the same Berlin. Dvuhsotmetrovy defeated Usain for 19,19 sec. Still no one can surpass these achievements.

The most basic your records, Usain Bolt was able to install in 2008. It happened in Beijing at the Olympic games. At the Olympics he set three world records and earned three gold medals. You need to remember that the center Bolt is unlikely to run at full strength. At the finish, when it became clear that no one can catch him, he strongly took off the speed. So I resorted result of 9.69 sec. But the result could be even better!

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