Created the world's first self-repairing running shoes

At the conference Wearable Futures designer and researcher from London, Samis Aden showed the world the prototype of self-repairing running shoes. The concept was developed together with Professor Martin Handicam from the University of southern Denmark, and the prototype printed on a 3D printer from a synthetic biological material that can repair itself.

These Jogging sneakers is the result of experiments Aden in the area of protocells, molecules which themselves are not alive, but if they combine a certain method, you can make quite a living organism. Depending on the temperature, light and pressure you can get different material properties. "Cells are compressed and opens depending on the load," says Aden. The unique design of the Shoe gives you the ability to print them on a 3D printer for the exact foot size, so they can serve as your "second skin". During a walk the shoes will be, if needed, to provide additional cushioning, to respond to pressure and movement.

After Jogging sneakers can be placed in a jar filled with living liquid protocells. This fluid will work as a charger, keeping the living organisms in the shoes and helping them to recover.

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