Created eco-friendly leather from plants

Making things from natural leather it isn't just the killing of animals but also environmental pollution. As the tannery not only that, they need a huge number of water, but also toxic substances that are used in the manufacture, incredibly harmful to the environment.

But there is an interesting alternative, based on the biomaterial. It goes on the skin from plants. This fabric promises to be a great replacement of animal skin.

Richard wall, Professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of the state of Delaware, as the times is working on such material. Creating eco-leather from natural plant fiber and oil flax, soybean, corn and cotton is a full-time researcher.

Vegetable oils and laminated mixture of these plants give the effect of a breathable fabric, but it looks very similar to natural leather. This property increases the chance of this material to become quite popular with manufacturers of shoes and accessories.

Remember that 400-pound shoes has saved the Chinese from back pain.

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