Swiss researchers have learned to wash the dishes myself

Swiss researchers appears to be very sorry work hostesses, invented dishes that will be able itself to wash.
The point is that all the Cutlery is made from wood pulp. In addition, it has applied superhydrophobic coating. This invention belongs to the Swiss company called Tomorrow Machine.

They could manufacture the plates at the molecular level. In other words, they can repel all liquids, and all other elements of the food. And it happens this way. All substances, water and other liquids are collected in small puddles and slopped roll off the plates.
The food is does not stick like traditional utensils. Now, to wash the dish needs to be tilted over the bucket or sink and leftover food will simply roll down. All such plates are pretty slippery and they do nothing. This dish even wipe is not necessary.

Experts claim that the wider the use of this pan, the more water can be stored in global reserves. And if you think about it in their representations, all pretty logical. Because a lot of the water we use for washing dishes. And how much detergent will disappear as unnecessary?

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