Named the most popular pirated films of 2013

The first part of "the Hobbit" for 2013 downloaded approximately 8.4 million times. The film surpassed the ratings of pirates of such films as "Django unchained".

The number of pirated downloads of pictures not correlate with box office returns. So, "Iron man 3", the most successful film of the year, which brought the creators $ 1.2 billion, was only on the fourth line of the rating.

Torrentfreak collected data from multiple sources, including torrent trackers with open statistics. The rating will not reflect on the popularity of movies among the users of streaming and file-sharing services.
At the end of December 2013 Torrenrfreak made a rating of the most pirated series of the year. It is headed by "Game of thrones", which was downloaded 5.9 million times.

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