Incredible icy wonders of nature

This Blue river — a Paradise for kayakers in Greenland. The melting Petermann Glacier fills a low-lying region incredibly clear blue water. This phenomenon occurs seasonally, causing the river to change its shape. Bright blue color is characteristic of only the glacial water in those regions.

Glacier Briksdal
Glacier Briksdalsbreen or Briksdal is one of the most accessible and most famous glacier arms of Jostedalsbreen. This place is situated in Norway and is considered part of the National Park Jostedalsbreen. The glacier ends in a small glacial lake at 345 metres above sea level.

Canyon Berda
Canyon Berda, which is carved by melt water is 45 meters deep. This photo was taken in 2008. Along the edge of the Ice Canyon of Greenland, the lines on the wall show the stratigraphic accumulations of ice and snow that are installed over the years. A black layer at the base of the channel is cryoconite — inflated powdery dust deposited and deposited on snow, glaciers or ice sheets.

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