Created "smart" mask, which will allow you to sleep a few hours less

One of the most well-known projects on Kickstarter at the moment – the "smart" sleep mask NeuroOn, which will allow you to sleep less than usual, but feel much cheerful and better – collected for the first week almost $330 thousand from donations. It is 3 times more common than thought researchers from Polish company Intelclinic.

What is the hype? In the filling device. In NeuroOn contains a skin sensor to relieve the electroencephalogram, and various sensors for data logging the voltage of facial muscles and eye movements – this will allow you to accurately track the phase of sleep. The collected information is transmitted via Bluetooth to the app on your phone (available versions for iOS and Android). The developers claim that using the NeuroOn can calculate a number of different sleep phases and assess how well you rested. Moreover, the device has a built-in alarm clock that gently wakes at the end of the next cycle by using built-in backlight.

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The most important feature of the new implementation technique of multi-phase sleep: the owner of the device is sleeping a short period of time during the day, and the total time of wakefulness rises to almost 20 hours.

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