Experts have called the most dangerous substances in your home

Toxic furniture
It is considered particularly disadvantageous furniture made of pressed sawdust, from the re-stuck plywood, slats, and also the one which contains acidic agglomerates. This kind of furniture emit harmful fumes, as they are made from a synthetic material, and they used a lot of adhesive substances. About formalin or formaldehyde, it can be found in a large number of things that surround us in everyday life.

Cover the walls and floor
Almost every apartment has something from the above: tiles, carpet, Wallpaper, parquet, linoleum, painting, wall murals and other accessories that adorn the interior. But often they contain a huge number of chemical substances. They can cause hypersensitive people have allergic reactions, but more serious consequence — it contribute to the development of airway cancer.

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Cleaning products and their hidden danger
Gels for cleaning plate, powder for dishwashing, dishwashing detergent, glass cleaner — these products are in almost every apartment, as without them it is difficult to maintain hygiene at an appropriate level. Their properties seem wonderful, they are comfortable, however, it's all good exactly as long as they do not become a threat to human health. These tools are very far from natural and consist of aggressive chemical components.

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