Swimwear will make of bottles

Sustainable design cannot be considered synonymous with the fashion industry in China — at least, so said until recently. But there are designers who are trying to change this idea of fashion of China. Establishing a brand Finch Designs in Shanghai, designers Heather Kaye and Iti Sony come up with unusual things from recycled plastic bottles and organic fabrics.

Thirty four million four hundred thirty one thousand two hundred ten

Idea Finch Designs is to create "fashion with a conscience", the team wishes to observe the rules of fair trade, worried about the environment, minimizes the carbon footprint.

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Sixty four million eight hundred ninety one thousand one hundred fifty

The entire production chain and supply chain Finch Designs constructed in such a way that the user can trace items at any moment. The boutique brand has opened in Hong Kong clothing sold in other stores, including via the Internet.

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