One person lived 24 personality

A man named William Stanley Milligan, listed in all textbooks and books on psychiatry. A man born in 1955 in Miami beach. In this man there was 24 the individual. However, they differed from each other in their unique life. Friends Milligan said that when communicating with him the impression that in one body there are many souls. In psychiatric hospital this person got after the trial, which took place in 1970. In the United States, Ohio, he was accused of three rapes, and robberies committed. After investigation it became known that Billy suffers from a mental disorder. Here "residents" Billy, that was able to meet physicians:

First person: Billy. People at the age of 26. The meaning of life was to commit suicide. Billy's weight is 86 kilograms and stood 183 centimeters. Blue eyes and chestnut hair color. Did not finish school. Made a suicide attempt, tried to throw himself off a bridge at the age of 16 years. To escape from life the boy had not allowed the other person and put to sleep for 6 years. Billy was allowed to "go out" very often.

— 18-year-old Allen. The other person was in dire need of Alan, as he was endowed with eloquence and was able to get out of any situation. A manipulator, a fraud. Was fond of drawing, portraits and loved music – played drums. Billy's mother was with Allen in a good relationship. Growth Allen Billy was no different, but with a weight – not matchmaking (75 kg). Of all the personalities he only wrote with his right hand and smoked cigars. Hair: always do parted on the right side.

"Child angle", a three year old Christine. She's at home and at school was constantly in the corner. English. Able to read and write, however, in block letters. Her problem was the speech. Eye color – blue, fair-haired. Favorite activity: coloring pictures of flowers and butterflies.

Fourteen year old Danny. Incredible fear of people, especially before males. Happened to him the following: once his father was forced to dig a grave, and then buried it, leaving only a small hole for breathing. Loves to paint still lifes. Afraid of the earth. Short, scrawny, blonde hair, up to shoulders, an eye blue.

— Rajan Wetaskawin. Yugoslav. When speaking in English pronounced, noticeable accent. Age: 23 years weight 95 pounds. Knows Serbo-Croatian language. Has large, strong hands. Hair long, black moustache. Also enjoys painting, but draws only black and white drawings as suffering from blindness. Able to control the flow of adrenaline. Very strong, shoots, and karate fighter. Loves women and children. If they need assistance for them, even stolen articles or food. By the way: in the main prison was the Rajan.

— Tommy, 16 years old. Without help managed to understand electricity, easily opened locks of all kinds. Had very flexible joints, thanks to which he could escape from any handcuffs. Unbeatable player on the saxophone. Paints landscapes. Very aggressive personality, antisocial. Eyes: amber, hair color – light brown.

A boy named David. 8 years. Incorporates both the sufferings and physical pain of all personalities. Absent-minded, but in spite of that – a receptive and sensitive person. Because not really is aware of what he was punished, is constantly in a state of confusion. Baoboluzi, has short, reddish-brown hair, quite dark.

Arthur. Age: 22 years. The Englishman speaking with a British accent. Reasonable, educated and sophisticated, level-headed young man. All free time tries to spend in the library. Well versed in medicine. Knows Arabic. It was discovered that the body of many individuals. He and revealed. Arthur has established strict rules of conduct for "all others". Wears glasses.

— Adelana. Lesbian, 19 years old. Household, preparing food for the "whole family". Shy girl. Enjoys poetry, writes poetry. Hair: black, long and straight, brown eyes. It was said that it has "dancing eyes". And all because the eye moved involuntarily in consequence of nystagmus.

— Brother of Christine, 13-year-old Christopher. The mischievous, but obedient child. Unmatched plays the harmonica.

Arthur and the Lookout called other individuals "undesirable", forbidding them to go outside.

Billy Milligan underwent an intensive treatment for 10 years. In 1991 he was recognized as a "whole" person, and released. Immediately became interested in physics, programming and mathematics. The program of artificial intelligence Harsesis written them. Currently Billy works at the Council for the protection of the rights of the child.



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