Billy Milligan: 24 personalities in one body

The full name of this unique man William Stanley Milligan. He was born in 1955 and after a while got all the textbooks of psychiatry. Split personality suggests that people like is divided into two personalities in one body, and can not agree with myself. In varying degrees, it is each person, but the most extreme cases, of course, name-calling complex psychiatric term.
Billy Milligan, even in extreme cases misses. Inside it has gathered 24 individuals who were obvious to others. Usually people are holding their internal disputes with them, many of us do not even realize it, but this person every single person lived his special life. It seemed like just a few isolated showers settled in one body as in a communal.

Of the 24 individuals Billy Milligan 10 were major, and the remaining firmly suppressed for any immoral behavior. Scientist was a great honor to meet with the residents of the country, "Billy Milligan»:

 - Actually Billy himself, who was a key person and constantly sought to commit suicide. At age 16 he tried to jump off the roof, but the other person did not give him that, and put him to sleep for 6 years, only occasionally allowing "come to light". Each such awakening was for Billy shock, because he believed that the dead;

 - Arthur, a very intelligent man, responsible for order in the relationship between sub-personalities;

 - Rage Vadaskovinich, he was a communist from Yugoslavia and loved karate and weapons. When Billy got into prison, became the main rage and decides who when go out;

 - Allen was hypocritical rogue, but it was thanks to him that Billy and Co. could get out of any scrape;

 - Tommy loved electronics;

 - Denny turned 14letnim teenager who was afraid of everything;

 - David was responsible for the pain. The rest said that it is his job and if Billy smashed his head against the wall or rage broke the toilet, all the bumps (physical pain) got named David. He truly did not know what it is;

 - Christine was 3-year-old cute kid and it still had a brother, Christopher;

 - Adalah, the last of the top 10, is stuck in the age of 19, she wrote poetry and was inclined to homosexual.

Learned about the man on the court for robbery and rape back in the '70s. From the biography of an American known that there was a split personality somewhere in the 8 - 9 years. The boy is constantly humiliated and beatings from his stepfather, who besides his and raped. It was then integrated personality Billy broke up into individuals.
Billy Milligan was charged with stealing and raping three women. In a psychiatric hospital revealed that the theft committed rage, and rape - Adal.


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