The most influential animals in the history of mankind

The animal world has its own elite. Everyone who grew up in the USSR, you know Gena the crocodile and hedgehog, cat Matroskin and goldfish. But they are the characters of the dream world, creating its own history in folklore and TV. In real life enough influential and famous animals, which are in many ways more important than many people, but not as well known as kinoglaz childhood. Their dog, cat, all kinds of life become the stories of fame and success. And the names — common and expensive.

Horse Bucephalus

Without his faithful horse Bucephalus Alexander the Great would have been Alexander just Average height. Despite the fog and fabulousness of legends Bucephalus is a real racing animal, which became the most famous horse in the history of the world.

There is a theory that all good horse Bucephalus was afraid of his own shadow, so his Macedonian crowned rider was only towards the Sun, to the East. In the battles of Alexander and Bucephalus acted as a single unit. After the death of the great commander the horse was named after a city Bucephalus, which today is Pakistan Jattan. In the city founded in honor of the animal, is now home to about 100 thousand people.

Elephant Lin Wang

The Asian elephant named Lin Wang is treated with such reverence that was given the nickname "grandfather Lin". It was because he really had a lot to do and long lived. The longest elephant known to man is 86 years old.

This grey and submissive giant elephant has left its mark in the history of many countries. During the Second World war he took food and weapons to the Japanese militarists in the jungles of Burma, and in 1943, Lin Wang was captured by the Chinese.

The elephant continued his military service — first in China, then in Taiwan. The Communists Lin not give offense. And in 1954 he retired and settled in the Taipei zoo, where he lived until his death in 2003.



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