Wind farm in Illinois provides 70 stores energy

Furniture giant IKEA has once again proved that belongs to the category of environmentally correct companies, and acquired a wind farm in the town of Justo, Illinois. After completion of the construction, its capacity of 98 megawatts, enough to provide electricity to 70 shops in the region. This will be the first large wind power plant of IKEA in the United States and has 206 th worldwide, according to Inhabitat.
The company plans by 2020 to fully switch to renewable energy sources. This decision guide IKEA adopted to make the business independent from oil and coal, which are doomed at some point be exhausted. In addition, wind farms allow you to get cheaper energy.

By 2015 wind farm in Illinois will work in full force, and then she will be able to generate up to 380 gigawatt-hours annually. The project will be 54 new jobs, including 36 vacancies for builders. Now the company already has wind farms in the UK, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France and Ireland. Also in 9 countries worldwide, IKEA has installed 550 thousand solar panels on the roofs of buildings.



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