John Watkins predictions come true

American engineer, John Watkins, wrote in 1900 an article in a women's magazine,
where in an entertaining way she describes what happens in the next century.
His prediction proved remarkably prescient.

Mobile phones

John Watkins had no idea how prophetic his words will be for billions of women around the world: "Wireless telephone and telegraph networks enmeshed in the world. Any husband can call the center of the Atlantic Ocean to his wife in the bedroom in Chicago. It will be just a call to China, as it is now - to call from New York to Brooklyn ».

At that time, there was no international telephone lines, and a wireless communication housewives all over the world do not even dreamed of.

Color digital photo

Watkins did not use the term "digital" photography and even approximately describe the principle of operation of computers, but he was able to quite accurately tell how people will use these cameras:

"The photographs will be sent by telegraph to any distance. If in China a hundred years there will be a battle, the most striking moments of his fall into the newspaper in an hour ... And photos will transmit true colors ».

Tanks and planes

Although the first descriptions and even drawings of the tank made by Leonardo da Vinci, John Watkins quite accurately described the use of "forts on wheels" in wars. These forts, he wrote, "will break through the open space at the speed of a modern express." At the same time, the article of 1900, these parts must operate on the principle of "modern cavalry." In addition, he described the "flying machines, which will be equipped with telescopes with a range of a hundred miles.»

"Equipped with cameras, they can shoot the enemy positions at this distance. These photographs - with resolution and size, as if they did across the street - will fall on the table commander ».


"Ready-to-eat meals will be supplied from institutions like the modern grocery" - the author writes in his article.

Semi-finished products, which are sold in stores today, show how right Watkins. He, however, believed that the dishes, which will be delivered this food, have returned to the "groceries." But he predicted that the products will be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, that too is consistent with modern reality.



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