Cinderella from Samoa (2 photos)

Samoa has a strange tradition, if the family has several sons,
educate the young as a girl and call these boys - fa'afafine.
This tradition originated from the fact that the family of Samoa is usually a lot of children and mothers need help with housekeeping.
Fa'afafine doing just that.
They are valued and respected for busy work and devotion to family. Fa'afafine also can give in hiring in another house they gladly take the job, knowing about their real sex.

Currently fa'afafine in Samoa considered the third floor, along with male and female. Boys fa'afafine not considered blue, although they often give birth close relationships with men than with women. However, the ordinary man and considered fa'afafine in Samoa people of different sexes, so the relationship between them can not be attributed to the same-sex.


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